MultiPack Utility
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Command Line Interfaced Multi-DRM Packaging Utility

MultiPack Utility Benefits

at Scale

Scalable, secure, and delivered pre integrated to obtain encryption keys from the KeyOS Key Management API for out of the box support.


Robust, industry standard encryption.

Versatile Deployment

Setup in-network, in-cloud, or on-premise, designed for docker deployments on Windows or Linux.

Annual Support
and Maintenance

Software licensing model includes real-person support and annual maintenance.

How it works

This software licensed packaging solution enables in-network, on-premise, in-cloud, support for encryption for a broad array of popular consumer formats with widely-supported commercial DRMs. The KeyOS MultiPack Utility can be installed on hardware and in network and location of your choice. In conjunction with the KeyOS MultiKey Server Solution or KeyOS MultiKey Service users can deliver license keys to encrypted content processed by the KeyOS MultiPack Utility. KeyOS MultiPack Utility is compatible with standards based commercial DRM platforms including Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay.


CMAF support for HLS and DASH with FairPlay, PlayReady and Widevine

Support for single CBCS encrypted source using ISBMFF or fmp4 file format

Support for H264, H265 and AAC inputs

Support for CTR and CBCS Encryption Schemas

Support for Wowza Streaming Engine via a plug in

Optimized for transportation industries like In Flight Entertainment (IFE), Cruise Ships, Trains, Busses, Hospitals and hotels and other bandwidth challenged environments

Content Security Specialists

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