KeyOS Demo

Demo of the KeyOS MultiKey Service with the KeyOS WebPlay HTML5 Player

Here we provide a demo interface to test different encrypted media content types (DASH and HLS) that are included in a playlist below the WebPlay HTML5 player. If you are also a BuyDRM customer, you can use this demo to test your own encrypted media content. This demo supports FairPlay, PlayReady, and Widevine DRM technologies, and can be run on multiple browsers: Chrome (35+), Firefox (47+), Internet Explorer (11+ on Windows 8.1+), Microsoft Edge (Windows 10+), Opera (31+) or Safari (8+ on MacOS or iOS 11.2+).

Test your encrypted content

Customers that have BuyDRM as their DRM provider, can use this demo page to test their own encrypted content. For that you need to pass Authentication XML and encrypted content URL into appropriate fields below and click on "Play Stream" button.

Authentication XML:
Source URL:
Cert URL: