BuyDRM™ is a leading global provider of multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and hospitality industries. The KeyOS Multi-DRM platform powers many of the largest brands in media and technology. In 2018, Frost & Sullivan awarded BuyDRM the 2018 Global Content Protection Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Since 2001, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories for many of today’s largest brands including ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC iPlayer, BBC Studios, BBC iPlayer Radio, Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Sony New Media Solutions, Sony Crackle, The Academy (AMPAS), TubiTV, Showtime and Zee5.

OTT operators, television networks, movie studios, gaming sites and premium content distributors use the BuyDRM award-winning KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform to provide robust content security for their streaming and downloadable video. Customers include Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts (AMPAS), ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Rakuten Viki, Sony New Media Solutions, Sony Pictures, Showtime and Zee5.

Our Founder and CEO, Christopher Levy, is widely recognized as an expert among DRM companies in the Digital Rights Management and Streaming Media industries. As a digital media pioneer, Levy produced many of the "firsts" in streaming media, working with the largest artists and brands in media to deliver live webcasts and large on-demand libraries of content. BuyDRM's CTO and co-founder, Andrew Popov, is also widely regarded as a world-leading expert in the field of Cryptography, Content Security and DRM. Both Christopher and Andrew provide DRM insight on TheDRMBlog.com and various industry events, panels and published articles.