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Just-In-Time Watermarking with DRM

MultiMark Server Key Benefits

Undisturbed Streaming Experience

Watermarking is invisible to the user and does not cause additional latency nor degradation of video quality.

Robust Security

Watermarking in combination with multi-DRM protected streams provide the most robust security strategy available in the marketplace today.


Prepare your content as needed and deliver unique streams to each individual viewer.


Watermarking and DRM security that major movie studios approve of and require in deployment strategies.

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MultiMark Server Explained

How it Works

The MultiMark Server is a just-in-time (JIT) forensic watermarking and DRM platform that enables streaming operators to watermark video content JIT and protect it with DRM before distribution. The platform includes support for DASH and HLS streaming formats and the consumer DRMs, Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady. MultiMark creates and manages watermark forensic metadata (WFM) which are the unique records of all watermarking sessions. When piracy has been detected, WFM is injected into a secure detection process of the sample pirated content to track any misuse directly to the offender.


Off-the shelf watermarking software

Support for industry-leading Watermarking OEMs

Support for industry-leading DRM OEMs

NGINX-based platform

Streaming Origin support

DASH/HLS Support

Video on Demand

Piracy Detection Service

Content Security Specialists

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