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KeyOS WebPlay

Secure Web Based HTML5 Player

KeyOS WebPlay Benefits

Secure Playback

Compatible with Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine DRMs.

Pre-Integrated with MultiKey Service

Delivered pre-configured to obtain keys through the KeyOS License Key Gateway.

Device Flexible

Experience seamless delivery of content across a wide array of devices.

License Support

Lower your DRM usage by persisting DRM licenses until expiration with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

How it Works

BuyDRM’s KeyOS WebPlay is a JavaScript framework extending native HTML5 video element capabilities. With support for CMAF, DASH, HLS and MSS, secure playback is possible with PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay DRMs.

KeyOS WebPlayer


Subtitles and Caption Support

Overlay and Banner Capabilities


Picture in Picture

Multi Track Audio

Apply Skins, Playlists, Hotkeys and Credential Support

Content Security Specialists

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