Highly Scalable Software as a Solution (SaaS)

KeyOS Multikey Server Benefits

On-Prem Multi-DRM Solution

BuyDRM’s Award-Wining MultiKey Service offered as a software license and delivered via docker container.


Delivered for onboard deployment in planes, trains, buses, and cruise ships, as well as on-premise hospitality locations.


Designed for Docker deployment on Windows and Linux environments with support for both Intel and Arm chipsets.


The KeyOS™ MultiKey™ Server supports wide array of popular playback platforms, desktops, devices, smart TVs and consoles.

How it works

Delivers DRM license keys to broad array of popular consumer platforms and devices.

This software licensed solution enables in-network, on-premise, in-cloud, support for delivering DRM license keys to broad array of popular consumer platforms and devices using widely-supported commercial DRMs.

The KeyOS MultiKey Server can be installed on prem, in network, or in the cloud.

KeyOS MultiKey Server and Service also support playback of content packaged by a broad array of +50 KeyOS Encryption Key API partners in the cloud, on-premise, via hardware or software.


Robust industry standard license key delivery.

In-network, in-cloud, on-premise on your HW/SW

Designed for Docker deployment on Windows and Linux.

Support for both Intel and Arm chipsets​

Scalable, secure and short deployment window

Support for wide array of popular desktops, devices, smartTVs, and consoles

Software & Services

MultiKey Multi-DRM

A DRM as a Service (DaaS) multi-DRM platform powered by Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay DRM. Including support for CMAF, HLS, MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

MultiMark Watermarking

A watermarking and DRM server for live and VOD content. More than just a Watermarking SDK, MultiMark is delivered as a fully functioning server that works for applying watermarks and just in time packaging for DRM.

MultiPlay SDKs

Studio-grade secure player SDKs for iOS and Android with support for CMAF, DASH, HLS, and MSS. SDKs include analytics and ad-support.

MultiPass Multi-DRM

KeyOS™ MultiPass™ is designed for live events, small businesses, e-learning, corporate trainings, medical and religious organizations who do not expect more than 5,000 users per month.

MultiPack Utility

Command line interfaced packaging utility providing robust, industry standard encryption at scale.Pre-configured to obtain encryption keys from the KeyOS key management API.


Multi-DRM service designed for low volume usage. Instantly deploy a mult-DRM strategy. Experience seamless delivery of content across a wide array of devices.

Content Security Specialists

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you secure your assets using our studio-approved multi-DRM and watermarking platform KeyOS.