• September 2015

    Lufthasa Industry Solutions

    Selects BuyDRM


    lufthansa industry solutions selects buydrm

    Lufthansa Industry Solutions Selects BuyDRM for Secure Mobile Content Delivery to Germany’s Intercity Bus Passengers

  • April 2015

    BuyDRM KeyOS Multi-Screen OTT Solutions





    Microsoft PlayReady



  • January 2015

    BuyDRM and iStreamPlanet Integration

    BuyDRM and iStreamPlanet Announce Integration to Provide Multi-DRM Solution for Multi-Screen Live Video

  • September 2014

    BuyDRM wins Liberty Global 2014

    innovation & breakthrough award

    Liberty Global announces 2014 Vendor Awards at its annual Technology Summit

  • April 2014

    Akamai and BuyDRM Partner to Enable

    MPAA Approved Content Encryption

    In The Cloud

    Akamai and BuyDRM partner to enable MPAA approved content encryption in the cloud


KeyOS Platform




Variety of robust, multi-threaded, enterprise-class encryption (packaging) technologies for content encryption.


A mature, widely-deployed interface supporting flexible end-user authentication scenarios.


Robust and economical custom development for those customers with advanced deployment needs.





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Files Encrypted
Every Second
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What people are saying about BuyDRM

We are pleased to find one platform that addresses all of our DRM needs across all of our potential user platforms. BuyDRM KeyOS platform is providing the multi-screen DRM technology that will ensure our content is protected with the highest degree of security available today.

Janos Szilardi - Media Director hbo-europe.com

Working with BuyDRM enables our customers to take advantage of the power and scale of both Aventus and the KeyOS DRM Platform.

Mark VanAntwerp - Vice President of Software Engineering istreamplanet.com

BuyDRM KeyOS integration gives our customers an easy-to-deploy premium protection solution. We're excited to expand the Wowza DRM ecosystem with BuyDRM, a proven DRM services provider known for its digital rights leadership.

Dave Stubenvoll - CEO and co-founder wowza.com

The KeyOS: Cloud Edition service demonstrates how innovative, forward thinking companies like BuyDRM can leverage the power of AWS to provide greater value to their customers.

Terry Wise - Director of Business Development aws.amazon.com

BuyDRM’s KeyOS platform and Device DRM technologies will enable Brightcove to expand our content protection offerings on a range of devices and desktops, which is crucial as our customers look to securely publish premium content to audiences on every screen.

Jon Dahl - Vice President of Encoding Services brightcove.com

As a Multi-Screen DRM platform, KeyOS has provided us with the content security and rights management technologies we need to be successful in this dynamic video marketplace.

Vincent Teo - Head of Technology and Operations hboasia.com

BuyDRM’s KeyOS solution provided us confidence that the video feed and on-demand content from our 2012 company meeting would be safely delivered only to the Microsoft personnel we intended. With KeyOS, Microsoft is able to deliver content from the cloud in a secure and scalable manner.

Frank Delia - Principal Solution Manager microsoft.com

To further our commitment in securing content within FotoKem's nextSPOT system, we selected BuyDRM to enable us with an enterprise grade digital rights management solution.

Freddy Goeske - GM of Production Software fotokem.com

We are pleased to be using BuyDRM's industry-leading technology to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. We are committed to delivering television programming on a secure, trusted platform. BuyDRM's popular, trusted KeyOS Platform helps us meet that commitment.

Christopher Thorpe - CEO philo.com


BuyDRM Products


KeyOS Device DRM License

The KeyOS™ Device DRM™ License easily and effectively supports every major consumer playback platform including PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, connected Televisions and Blu-ray players.

KeyOS Smooth DRM Service

The KeyOS™ Smooth DRM™ Service provides KeyOS customers the ability to deploy HTTP-delivered HD content in a variety of bit-rates to the PC and Intel-based Mac computing platforms.

KeyOS Player Portfolio

The KeyOS™ Player Portfolio provides on-the-fly playback of PlayReady-encrypted Smooth Streaming content in CENC mode, using HTML5/DASH and Widevine and Chrome or PlayReady and IE, depending on which browser you open it in.

The KeyOS Device DRM License

Player Agents for iOS and Android Applications


The KeyOS™ Device DRM™ License supports both Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager technologies. Both Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISMV) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) are supported as content delivery methods.


The KeyOS Device DRM Service is pre-integrated with the iOS native media player. For Android, the service includes an integrated hardened media player as well as all the necessary integration documentation and support. Most popular playback functions are supported and we add new functions and features regularly.


Our Service exposes an API for iOS application integration. On Android, an additional JAVA API is provided for application integration. You receive downloadable OS-specific binaries to compile with your device application(s) before you distribute them to your customers.


The downloadable DRM technology provided with the KeyOS Device DRM License complies with Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager robustness and compliance rules. The DRM payload is protected with code obfuscation and validation as well as other anti-tampering mechanisms.

The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service

PlayReady and CENC Encryption and Licensing


Compatible with Silverlight 2.0+ on both the PC and Intel-based Mac and PlayReady Clients. The KeyOS™ Smooth DRM™ Service also supports Android and iOS Tablets and Phones, Android STBs, Smart TVs, Google TV and Roku TV.


The KeyOS™ Smooth DRM™ Service is supported on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and Opera.


The KeyOS™ Smooth DRM™ Service is powered by Microsoft's PlayReady Content Access Protection Technology and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, an IIS Media Services extension that enables adaptive streaming of media to clients over HTTP.


Support of all kinds of content delivery approaches and media content formats including MPEG-DASH, HLS, ISMV, Smooth Streaming Segments files and Fragmented MP4.

The KeyOS Player Portfolio

On-the-fly playback of encrypted media content


BuyDRM offers a fully functional KeyOS Silverlight player based on the Microsoft Media Framework. We have customized this player with numerous features including online and offline playback, in the browser and out of the browser playback and VOD and Live playback.


A new feature from BuyDRM is our KeyOS HTML5 player for DASH and Smooth Streaming content and soon HLS. We now offer a full featured player for Chrome and IE playback for Widevine and PlayReady encrypted content using CENC.


As part of our comprehensive multiscreen playout approach, BuyDRM offers sample player and DRM licensing code for building Windows Mobile applications using Smooth Streaming with PlayReady DRM.


BuyDRM is a leader in multiscreen device playback. Our Android solution now supports a variety of popular formats and DRMs including DASH, Smooth Streaming and HLS with PlayReady, Widevine and Marlin. All of this is included in our KeyOS Device DRM Agent for Android.


As the Apple ecosystem continues to be a force in multiscreen playback, BuyDRM has evolved our iOS player solution to support all the popular formats and DRMs. Today we support PlayReady and Marlin and soon Clearkey licensing on the iOS platform via our KeyOS Device DRM Agent for iOS.

KeyOS Smooth DRM Service Demo







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Founded in 2001, BuyDRM is a leading provider of Digital Rights Management and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and education industries. As the oldest company in the world offering DRM Services for IP-based media, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories in the commercial deployment of DRM related technologies with customers around the world.

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