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Completeing Your Digital Fortress

With MultiKey Digital Rights Management, coupled with or without Forensic Watermarking, our MultiPack Packager or MultiStream Streaming Server, and our HTML5 Player WebPlay, our customers have nearly every part of their Streaming Video Workflow available from a single vendor.

Add a Content Management System or CRM, Cloud or On-Prem Storage, and a Content Delivery Network, along with any other microservices needed for your use case, and you have a complete end-to-end video architecture.​

MultiPack Packager

A command line interface that ingests MP4s and outputs encrypted CMAF, MPEG-Dash, and HLS content encrypted with Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay. A simple yet effective solution with flat rate unlimited pricing.

WebPlay HTML5 Player

A DRM-hardened web-based player supporting persistent DRM licenses in Chrome and other Chromium browsers. This means a new DRM license will not have to be delivered just because a session was closed if the previous license had not expired. Offered with flat rate, annual pricing with unlimited impressions per domain.

MultiStream Streaming Server

the heart of our MultiMark Server, MultiStream is a highly efficient stand-alone Origin Server with support for just-in-time ingest, DRM packaging, and streaming of CMAF, MPEG-Dash, and HLS content. Now, with support for both live streaming and VOD. Offered with unlimited content processing and priced per image.

Easily Integrate Two API Calls and Your Fortress Awaits

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