Forensic Watermarking for Video

KeyOS MultiMark Server

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Watermarking just-in-time con DRM

A Wholistic Approach to Securing Your Digital Fortress

Forensic Watermarking, coupled with DRM (Digital Rights Management), offers the absolute highest levels of security for streaming video. Not just an SDK, KeyOS MultiMark Server includes a complete ecosystem with support for both Live Streaming and Video on Demand (VOD).

Obtain the most Premium Content and support Live Broadcasts with studio-approved Forensic Watermarking Technologies.

Forensic Watermarking for Streaming Video

A Complete Watermarking Solution

KeyOS MultiMark Server includes a profiler, ingester, and a streaming/origin server that operates Just in Time to insert each unique watermark dynamically, package the content with DRM (Digital Rights Management), and stream it out to your users.

Esperienza di streaming senza interruzioni

Forensic watermarking is invisible to the user and does not induce any additional latency or degradation of video quality. With unique yet hidden identifiers inserted into every so many frames and the size of a pixel, pirates and bad actors have no idea they are interacting with watermarked content.

Support for Both Live Streaming + VOD

With server-side Forensic Watermarking for VOD (Video on Demand), each stream is unique for each user. For Live Streaming and Broadcasts, A/B Switching at the CDN (Content Delivery Network) level is employed to interlace A&B fragments that are unique to the user. Recover a pirated copy in the "wild," we can run it through a detection service to uniquely identify the offender.

Robust Video Security

Forensic Watermarking provides the highest levels of security for streaming video available today. While Digital Rights Management prevents access, unauthorized users, and the sharing of DRM-protected content, Forensic Watermarking uniquely identifies offenders when there might be a compromise in DRM technology or some other portion of your video streaming workflow.

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MultiMark Server Explained

Come funziona

MultiMark Server è una piattaforma di watermark e DRM just-in-time (JIT) che consente agli operatori di streaming di applicare il watermark ai contenuti video JIT e proteggerli con DRM prima della distribuzione. La piattaforma include il supporto per i formati di streaming DASH e HLS e i DRM consumer, Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine e Microsoft PlayReady. MultiMark crea e gestisce i metadati forensi della filigrana (WFM) che sono i record univoci di tutte le sessioni di filigrana. Quando viene rilevata la pirateria, WFM viene inserito in un processo di rilevamento sicuro del contenuto piratato campione per tracciare qualsiasi uso improprio direttamente all'autore del reato.

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