Multi-DRM Secure Player SDKs

KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs

Studio-Grade Security

MultiPlay SDKs offer studio-grade security with support for Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady.

Multi-Format Support

Support for CMAF, DASH, HLS, and MSS

Streaming and Downloads

Integrated download manager and secure key storage allows for downloads and offline viewing for low or not bandwidth environments.

Analytics and Advertising Support

Ad support for VAST 3.0 – VMAP 1.0 – MAST – VPAID Conviva Experience Insights Analytics

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Come funziona

The KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs support all of the popular consumer playback platforms using a feature-rich player with support for Multi-DRM license delivery services. Using conventional development platforms, the SDKs are integrated into our clients’ premium apps for Apple iTunes and Google Play enable content playback. Multi-DRM is used for content protection as well. Nearly 130+ features are accessed via APIs and enable highly customized Multi-DRM playback experiences. The KeyOS MultiKey SDKs provide a market-tested, consumer approved approach to unifying your device delivery strategy in today’s evolving marketplace.


Wide array of devices supported iOS8.0+ and Android 3.0+

Support for ads, subtitles, and multitrack audio

Download manager and DRM library for offline playback

Nearly identical feature set across both iOS and Android

Provides a firewall from changes across the iOS and Android ecosystems and players

Frontline support provided directly from BuyDRM, a feature that open-source players lack

Specialisti della sicurezza dei contenuti

Contattaci per saperne di più su come possiamo aiutarti a proteggere le tue risorse utilizzando la nostra piattaforma multi-DRM e watermarking KeyOS approvata dallo studio.